16 Different Themes to Choose From!

Every Child Needs a Napbag!

Your little ones will be going to sleepovers in style when they have their trendy NapbagTM accompanying them.  Featuring a built-in sleeve and removable pillow, a handy inside pocket and super-soft double-sided minky fabric, this all inclusive sleeping kit will insure your little one sleeps in comfort and style wherever they go.

Whether it's a day at preschool, a weekend at grandma's house, a sleepover with friends, travel and adventure with the family, or just a little down-time at home, your little ones will love their NapbagTM!
  • The NapbagTM is an easy to carry, super cozy, all-inclusive sleeping system (nap mat) for children ages 3+.
  • Includes attached carrying bag, pillow and an inside pocket for your child's sleeping essentials.
  • Made of soft and durable, double-sided Minky fabric.
  • Can be used with daycare/preschool nap mats.
  • Fully washable, just remove the pillow and NapbagTM clips (if applicable), wash on warm gentle cycle and dry on low heat.
  • Rolls up into the attached carrying bag for easy storage in preschool cubbies.
  • When unfolded, the NapbagTM measures 30" wide by 53" long (not including the attached carrying bag).  When folded into the attached carrying bag, the NapbagTM measures 18" wide, 14" high and 6" deep. 
  • Available in 16 different themes for boys and girls.
  • Can be personalized with your child's name!
  • Inside appliques designed to face the child as they lay in the bag.

* Patent No. D688442